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Gun lawyer in Bayonne NJ

Gun Lawyer in Bayonne NJ

A Few Tips on Gun Laws in Bayonne NJ

New Jersey gun laws are some of strictest in the country, second only to California. So, if you are better versed in gun laws from other parts of the nation, it’s important to make sure your knowledge is up to date when it comes to New Jersey. Here are a few things to remember.

Can I keep my gun in my car in NJ?

New Jersey prohibits you from having or transporting a firearm in your vehicle, unless it’s stored in a separate compartment, out of immediate reach of the passengers. The firearm must be unloaded and, together with ammunition, locked in a container, either in the trunk or securely fastened in the back seat. That means you can’t keep your firearm in the glove compartment no matter the circumstances. Same rules apply if you are just entering New Jersey from out of state, where the laws for carrying are different.

How much ammo can you own in NJ?

New Jersey makes it illegal to possess any magazine that accepts more than 10 rounds of ammunition for semi-automatic weapons, unless you are a member of law enforcement or are a federally licensed firearm dealer.

Are hollow points illegal in NJ?

Currently, the possession of “hollow point” or as they are also referred to, “dum-dum” ammunition, outside of very specific permits, is a fourth-degree crime.

Is New Jersey a stand your ground state?

In general, when it comes to protecting oneself, Under New Jersey law, if you harmed someone in self-defense, you might avoid punishment or jail time for the act. You can also claim self-defense if you had to use force to protect others from someone’s attack.
When it comes to defending yourself in your home, New Jersey has a castle doctrine, which recognizes that a person’s home is their castle, and so you have the right to defend it. But there is no stand-your-ground law, like the majority of the states have.

Can my wife use my gun for self-defense in New Jersey?

As per New Jersey law, you can’t legally give your gun to anyone, even if they’re your wife or your son/daughter. Besides cases of defense by a necessity, transferring a firearm even for a short period of time comes with a felony-level criminal liability.

Can I let a friend borrow my gun to go to a shooting range in NJ?

You can legally loan or rent a firearm to another person for temporary use for sporting purposes, if you don’t have a reason to believe that the person is prohibited from possessing firearms under Federal law.

If you have any additional questions about carrying a gun and how to do that legally, or what consequences you might face, consulting with a professional is a good idea. Gun, Firearms & Weapons Charges Attorney Evan Nappen Law can help you navigate through these potential instances.

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