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Restoring Gun Owner Rights in Clifton NJ

What disqualifies you from owning a gun in NJ?

The main reason to lose access to a firearm license or permit is a conviction or a domestic violence offense. It’s important to note that the conviction is not limited to ones received in NJ state.

However, a criminal conviction does not always mean that the person won’t have access to legal possession of a firearm. There are still ways to execute your constitutional rights, and our attorneys at Evan Nappen Law can help you with that process. Individuals convicted of certain crimes are allowed to expunge their criminal record, given they meet all the necessary criteria.
To “expunge” means to erase a record of criminal conviction is destroy or seal it from state or federal record.

There are three ways to restore firearm rights in New Jersey:

  • Expunging an Adult Felony Conviction
  • Getting Pardoned by the Governor
  • Expunging Juvenile Convictions

An Adult Felony Conviction Expungement

Not only a felony conviction expungement would be the best way to have your firearm rights restored, it also makes your criminal record unavailable for the public view. This means that background checks would be easier to pass.

Juvenile Conviction Expungement

Juvenile record expungement work by the same principal as an adult record expungement, the main difference being one’s entire juvenile record gets cleared, as opposed to specific convictions.

Governor’s Pardon

If you don’t meet the qualifications for a felony conviction expungement, your other option is to obtain a pardon from the Governor. The office only issues a certain limited number of pardons per year, so it’s a less likely option, but still worth a try. How about other charges? If you have a misdemeanor conviction, it does not prohibit you from owning a firearm. But a third DUI or a conviction for any DUI offense considered a felony will most likely result in a loss of your rights to firearms.
New Jersey’s expungement protocol can allow you to clear your criminal record, thus giving you back your right to purchase and own a firearm not only in New Jersey, but nation-wide.

If you have any additional questions about restoring firearm rights in New Jersey and how to do that legally, book a free consult with a professional. Gun, Firearms & Weapons Charges Attorney Evan Nappen Law can help you navigate through all your options. The consult is free.

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