Gun Lawyer Hoboken NJ

Gun lawyer in Hoboken New Jersey

Gun Lawyer Hoboken NJ

Gun Ownership in Hoboken New Jersey

Second, to California, New Jersey is well known for its stringent gun laws. Not only are the gun laws strict but they are frequently being amended to help curb gun violence. Thus, you must be able to comprehend these gun laws.

So, if you want to own a gun in Hoboken New Jersey, here is everything you need to know;

What Is the Minimum Age to Purchase or Possess a Gun?

The gun laws in New Jersey dictate the following: no person under the age of 18 shall purchase, barter, or otherwise acquire a firearm and no person under the age of 21 shall purchase, barter, or otherwise acquire a handgun. However, the person may be authorized to possess a handgun if it is in connection with the performance of official duties.

The law further dictates that a permit to purchase a handgun will not be issued to anyone under 21 years and Firearms Purchase Identification Cards will not be issued to anyone under the age of 18 years.

Do I Need a Permit to Own a Gun in Hoboken?

Yes, you need a permit to be able to purchase a firearm in New Jersey. If you want to own a firearm in New Jersey, you have to obtain a permit from your local police department. To purchase a rifle or shotgun, you will need firearms purchase identification card (FPIC) and a permit to purchase a handgun.

Who Is Prohibited from Purchasing a Firearm In New Jersey?

The law prohibits the following individuals from possessing any firearm;

  • Anyone who has ever been committed for a mental disorder to any hospital, mental institution, or sanitarium. Unless they possess a certificate from a medical doctor licensed to practice in New Jersey.
  • Anyone who has been convicted of the offense of domestic violence
  • Any person who has been convicted of the unlawful use, possession, or sale of controlled dangerous substances.
  • Anyone who knowingly lied on their application for a permit or FPIC
  • Individuals under the age of 18 for an FPIC or those under the age of 21 for a handgun permit.
  • Individuals convicted of a crime (in New Jersey it is defined as something for which a sentence over six months is authorized) or attempt or conspiracy to commit a crime of aggravated assault, arson, burglary, homicide, kidnapping, robbery, carjacking et cetera.

Can I Own a Machine Gun or An Automatic Firearm?

The state of New Jersey does not allow any person to possess a machine gun or any instrument or device adaptable for use as a machine gun without a state license. This means that if you want to own, purchase, or carry a machine gun in New Jersey you must apply for a license by filing a written application to the superior court explaining the reason why you desire such a license.


If you have any additional questions about gun ownership in New Jersey and how to own one legally, it is best to seek out professional advice. Book a consult with Gun, Firearms & Weapons Charges Attorney Evan Nappen Law who will offer further information.

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