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Gun lawyer in Lakewood NJ

Gun Lawyer in Lakewood NJ

A Few Things TO Know About Gun, Firearms & Weapons in Lakewood NJ

You might be starting on a journey of gun ownership in New Jersey and are wondering what steps you have to take. First and foremost, you should apply for a Permit to Purchase a Handgun. These are only good for 90 days, but you can extend them for another 90 days, no more than 180 days in total.

Once you have your purchasing permit ready, you can buy a firearm in New Jersey. A purchase is only allowed from either a licensed dealer or a state resident. The New Jersey State Firearms Investigation Unit handles handgun transfers in most cases.

How much does it cost to own a gun in NJ and which guns can I buy?

One can legally buy and own a conventional rifle, shotgun, or handgun. Assault firearms are illegal to buy or possess – even at home. The uncertainty arises when gun owners try to determine what weapons are considered assault firearms and which aren’t since it is subjective to a degree, and definitions are often disputed. The state lets law enforcement make that decision on a case-to-case basis.

New Jersey is known for its strict gun control laws, but the permit fees haven’t changed since the 1960s, which is good news for gun owners. A firearm ID will cost you $5, and a permit to own a firearm is only $2.

How long does a firearm permit take in NJ?

Given you’ve correctly filled out and submitted all required paperwork to the police, a Firearms Purchaser's ID card should be issued within 30 days, although it’s not always the case, as sometimes reference checks or background checks can get delayed.
What ammo can you own in NJ?

New Jersey makes it illegal to own any magazine that can take more than 10 rounds of ammunition for semi-automatic weapons. The state also strictly prohibits purchase and possession of body armor penetrating bullets, unless you are a part of law enforcement.

It is also illegal to possess hollow nose or hollow point bullets except if you’re using them for hunting, fishing, or target shooting.

To purchase legal forms of ammunition, you may need a permit, depending on the specific type you’re looking to buy. For example, you don’t need a permit it’s for a rifle, shotgun, nail gun, flare gun, blank gun, paint ball gun, or air gun. But to buy handgun ammunition, you need to have a valid Firearms Purchaser ID Card, Permit to Purchase a Handgun, or Permit to Carry a Handgun.

If you have any additional questions about how to legally own a gun, or if you need assistance with the process, consulting with a professional is a good idea. Gun, Firearms & Weapons Charges Attorney Evan Nappen Law can help you navigate through these potential instances.

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