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What does the New Jersey gun laws say about forfeiture of firearms?

There are four types of forfeiture in New Jersey gun law.

Criminal Forfeiture - Chapter 64

Domestic Violence Forfeiture - Chapter 25

Health Care Professionals' Duty to Warn - Chapter 2A

“Red Flag” - Chapter 58

Let’s take a closer look at these laws.

Chapter 64 is called Criminal Forfeiture and pertains to two instances:

  • Firearms that are illegally obtained, carried, or are considered contraband.
  • Firearms that are a part of an illegal activity, even if they weren’t fired. In the latter instance, the State will institute a civil action, and a court hearing will determine the future disposition of the firearms.

Chapter 25 is called the Domestic Violence Act, and authorizes the police to take away weapons from the defendant in a domestic violence case if:

  • The defendant is subject to an active restraining order
  • The defendant is on probation
  • There’s probable cause to believe that the victim is threatened by the possession of a weapon by the defendant

Chapter 2A Health care professionals are obligated to warn the police if:

  • The patient has communicated a threat of serious physical violence against a specific individual or against themselves.
  • The health care professional has reason to believe the patient intends to carry out an act of serious physical violence against a specific individual or against themselves.

Chapter 58 “Red Flag” Extreme Risk Protective Order (ERPO) allows a family, a household member or law enforcement officer to file a petition, if they believe that the respondent poses a significant danger of bodily injury to themselves or others by owning, possessing, or purchasing a firearm or ammunition. The respondent is issued a temporary ERPO, and a court hearing determines if the defendant will receive a final ERPO.

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