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Gun Lawyer Piscataway, NJ

What Are the Possible Defenses for A Weapons Charge in Piscataway NJ

In New jersey, if the state establishes that you were in the possession of a weapon intending to use it to harm others, the state will convict you of a crime. Contrary to popular opinion, the term weapon refers not only to guns and other firearms. The term is very broad according to the law in New Jersey.

The law states that a weapon is anything that can either lead to death or cause grave body injuries. This means that anything from machine guns, knives, handguns, swords and even baseball bats can still be described as a weapon if it can cause serious body injuries or death.

That being said, New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, therefore if you are facing a charge of weapons possession for unlawful purposes in Piscataway NJ, here are a few things that you need to know.

What Does It Mean to Possess a Weapon for Illegal Purposes?

The State of New Jersey clearly states that it is against the law for any person to have a weapon in his possession, intending to use it against anyone and their property unlawfully. This could mean threatening, causing injuries, or using the weapon to commit a crime, such as robbery.

What Would the Prosecution Need to Prove to Convict in Piscataway NJ?

To get a conviction, the prosecution will have to prove the following; that the item was in the defendant’s possession, the defendant intended to use it against another person or their property, that the item is in fact a weapon and that the defendant planned to use it illegally. Once the prosecution can prove all these four elements beyond reasonable doubt, then you will be charged and convicted.

What Charges Will I Face for Possession of a Weapon for Illegal Purposes? 

The laws of the State of New Jersey dictate that the degree of the charge that you may face depends on the type of weapon that was used in the supposed crime. However, all charges regarding possession of a weapon illegally in Piscataway NJ and the entire state, is inevitably a felon level offense that may entail jail time for those convicted.

Possible Defenses for A Weapons Charge in Piscataway, NJ

It is important to state that each case is unique, therefore different approaches work for different cases. Once you settle down on an experienced gun, firearms and weapons charges attorney from a reputable firm, one defense the attorney can choose to use when arguing your case is illegal search and seizure. This means that law enforcement discovered the weapon, but they did not have a search warrant.

Another approach that the defense attorney can also choose to use is to create reasonable doubt regarding your intended purpose of having the gun or even lack thereof. If the attorney can manage to do this successfully, then you might win the case.


Serious penalties accompany weapons charges in the state of New Jersey. Therefore, it would be best to hire an experienced gun, firearms & weapons charges attorney in Piscataway NJ from a reputable firm such as Evan Nappen Law who can further assist you in fighting these weapons charges.

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