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Gun Lawyer Plainfield NJ

Gun Laws in Plainfield NJ

There are very specific rules regarding gun ownership, how to transport guns, and even inheriting a gun in New Jersey. Therefore, you must understand these gun laws.

If you want to avoid trouble with the law, you must adhere to the state’s mandate. Here are a few things that you need to remember;

What is considered a weapon in New Jersey?

The gun laws of New Jersey state that a weapon is anything that is readily available for lethal use or can cause serious bodily harm. This in turn means that there are a variety of things that the gun law considers a weapon depending on the intended use.

If I move to New Jersey from another state, can I keep my gun?

As long as the firearm was acquired legally in your previous state, you are allowed to keep your firearm. You can also register the firearm voluntarily by filling in a voluntary form with the local police department, but this is not a legal requirement.

What steps should I take if I inherit a gun?

If an individual inherits a firearm, you are not required to have either a handgun purchase permit or a firearm identification card. The firearm must be legal in the state of new jersey. The individual who receives the firearm should not be prohibited by law to own or possess a firearm.

If the person inheriting the firearm is not allowed to own or possess a gun, ownership may be retained for not more than 180 days. Thereafter the heir of the gun will be expected to transfer to the chief law enforcement officer of the municipality.

Can I loan my gun to a friend or a family member?

The gun laws in New Jersey do not permit one to lend a gun out to a third party. There are only two circumstances where you can temporarily transfer your gun to another qualified person, but you must be present, and it must be under your supervision.

These instances are at a shooting range only for instruction and when hunting for not more than 8 consecutive hours.

When it comes to family members, they are not an exception to this law. If you are not hunting or at the shooting range, there should be no reason why another person should possess or carry your firearm.

Is it okay if I purchase a gun from another state?

No, as a resident of new jersey you are not allowed to purchase or receive any kind of firearm from another resident of a different state. This will violate the law. The firearm will have to be transported to the state-licensed retail firearms dealer to make the transfer legal.

If you have any additional questions about gun laws in Plainfield New Jersey, or perhaps you are already facing a weapons charge consulting with a professional will be helpful. Gun, firearm & weapons Charge Attorney Evan Nappen Law can help you navigate through any questions that you might have.

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