How to Get Your New Jersey Carry Permit

Date posted: June 25, 2022

No Longer Mission Impossible! How to Get Your NJ Carry Permit (Now on Podcast)

By Evan F. Nappen, Attorney at Law

We can all thank President Trump for successfully nominating three conservative Justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. This helped make possible the victorious landmark 2nd Amendment decision achieved in N.Y. State Rifle & Pistol Assoc. v. Bruen.How to get a New Jersey gun permit

Justice Thomas wrote the extraordinary majority opinion for the Court. He is by far the greatest modern hero to the Second Amendment. Not only did this decision remove the requirement of “showing need” for a carry permit, but it paves the way to challenge virtually every gun law on the books and any future gun laws that may be passed by the anti-gun rights crowd.

Justice Thomas ruled that, “…the constitutional right to bear arms in public for self-defense is not ‘a second-class right, subject to an entirely different body of rules than the other Bill of Rights guarantees.”

He goes further and points out, “We know of no other constitutional right that an individual may exercise only after demonstrating to government officers some special need…“That is not how the First Amendment works when it comes to unpopular speech or the free exercise of religion. It is not how the Sixth Amendment works when it comes to a defendant’s right to confront the witnesses against him. And it is not how the Second Amendment works when it comes to public carry for self-defense.”

New Jersey has capitulated and the Attorney General has affirmatively stated that,

“…while the Supreme Court decision prevents New Jersey from continuing to require a demonstration of justifiable need in order to carry a handgun, it does not eliminate the enforcement of other permitting requirements under State law.”

“Justifiable need” was the main obstacle to getting a permit to carry in New Jersey, and it was the primary reason why law-abiding citizens were denied carry permits. This approach contributed to needless murders, rapes, and violent assaults, which occurred because New Jersey did not have a fair, objective “shall issue” carry permit system. This is joyfully no longer the status quo. This arbitrary unconstitutional requirement is now officially void.

Here in an easy-to-understand question and answer  guide to getting your New Jersey Carry Permit.

What are the main requirements to obtain a permit to carry a handgun under New Jersey law now that the “need” requirement is eliminated?

Under N.J.S. 2C:58-4d., a person must satisfy the Court that he/she is:

  1. a person of good character and not subject to the disabilities of N.J.S. 2C:58-3c.;
  2. thoroughly familiar with the use and safe handling of the handgun.

What is “good character” under New Jersey law?

Overall “good character” is an objective standard based on the disqualifications listed under N.J.S. 2C:58-3c. However, it could also be based on subjective standards, such as “in the interest of public health, safety or welfare” or merely for being named on the Federal Terrorist Watchlist. In any case, “good character” disqualifications may include any person who:

  1. has been convicted of a crime or a disorderly persons offense involving an act of domestic violence;
  2. is drug dependent;
  3. has been confined for a mental disorder to a hospital or mental institution;
  4. is a habitual drunkard;
  5. suffers from a physical defect or disease which would make it unsafe to handle firearms;
  6. is an alcoholic;
  7. falsifies information on the application form;
  8. is under the age of 18;
  9. is a person where the issuance would not be in the interest of public health, safety or welfare;
  10. is a person subject to a court order under the Domestic Violence Act prohibiting firearm possession;
  11. is a person who as a juvenile was adjudicated delinquent for an offense which, if committed by an adult, would constitute a crime and involved the unlawful use or possession of a weapon, explosive or destructive device or was one of the offenses enumerated under the No Early Release Act (NERA), which include murder, aggravated manslaughter, manslaughter, vehicular homicide, aggravated assault, disarming a law enforcement officer, kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, robbery, carjacking, aggravated arson, burglary, extortion, booby traps in CDS manufacturing or distribution facilities, strict liability for drug induced deaths, terrorism, possessing chemical weapons, biological agents, or nuclear devices, and first degree racketeering;
  12. is a person whose firearm is seized pursuant to the “Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991,” C.2C:25-17 et seq. and whose firearm has not been returned;
  13. is named on the consolidated Terrorist Watchlist maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  14. any person who is subject to a court order prohibiting the custody, control, ownership, purchase, possession, or receipt of a firearm or ammunition issued pursuant to the “Extreme Risk Protective Order Act of 2018,” P.L.2018, c.35 (C.2C:58-20 et al.).

What constitutes safe handling of a firearm under New Jersey law?

A:  Safe handling of a firearm is an objective standard met by meeting the requirements of N.J.A.C. 13:54-2.4(b).

Each applicant shall demonstrate a thorough familiarity with the safe handling and use of handguns by indicating in the space provided therefor on the application form, and on any sworn attachments thereto, any relevant information. Thorough familiarity with the safe handling and use of handguns shall be evidenced by:

  1. Completion of a firearms training course substantially equivalent to the firearms training approved by the Police Training Commission as described by N.J.S.A. 2C:39-6j;
  2. Submission of an applicant’s most recent handgun qualification scores utilizing the handgun(s) he or she intends to carry as evidenced by test firings administered by a certified firearms instructor of a police academy, a certified firearms instructor of the National Rifle Association, or any other recognized certified firearms instructor; or
  3. Passage of any test in this State’s laws governing the use of force administered by a certified instructor of a police academy, a certified instructor of the National Rifle Association, or any other recognized certified instructor.

How does one apply for a New Jersey Permit to Carry a Handgun?

A:  As per the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) Firearms Information FAQ, if you reside in New Jersey, you must apply with municipal police department where reside. If the municipality where you reside is serviced by the New Jersey State Police, you must apply at the station which covers your municipality. Out of state residents must apply to the New Jersey State Police station nearest to their geographic location.

Applications forms are available to download online at

Here are the steps to follow when for a New Jersey Permit to Carry a Handgun as also gleaned from the NJSP:

The following instructions are the same for the initial and renewal application

  1. Complete a State of New Jersey Application for Permit to Carry a Handgun,
    in triplicate. All references must know the applicant for a minimum of three (3) years prior to the date of the application.
  2. All original copies must be notarized.
  3. Submit four 1.5 inch passport photo with your application package. Passport” does not mean “US Passport Size” but “passport standards” (white background, straight-on, no glasses, etc)
  4. Complete the Consent for Mental Health Search.
  5. Submit in writing a justifiable reason / need for the issuance of a permit to carry a handgun. This must be detailed. (NO LONGER REQUIRED).
  6. Written proof of qualification and ownership with the handgun(s) you intend on carrying if your application is approved. This must be recent at the time of the application and must also be obtained from a certified firearms instructor.
  7. A money order in the amount of $50.00 payable to: “Treasurer, State of New Jersey” All armored car guard applications shall be submitted to the appropriate New Jersey State Police Barracks. All others (non-Armored car guards) shall be submitted to the law enforcement agency where the applicant resides. If your town of  residence is covered by a State Police barracks on a full-time basis, submit to that barracks.

If part time, submit to that municipal police department. All out of state applicants must submit to the closest New Jersey State Police Barracks (not to include New Jersey State Police Barracks located on toll roads) to where they are geographically located.

*If you are in need of further assistance or direction, contact your local Municipal Police Department or State Police Barracks for guidance.

How long should it take for the Chief or the Superintendent to approve or deny an application prior to it going to the Superior Court for final disposition by a Judge?

A:  The application must be approved or denied within 60 days of filing. If the application is not approved or denied within 60 days of filing, it shall be deemed approved by the Chief or Superintendent unless the applicant agrees to an extension of time in writing.

What may a person do if he/she has been denied a New Jersey Permit to Carry a Handgun?

A:  Under N.J.S. 2C:58-4e., a person who has been denied a permit to carry a handgun may request a hearing in Superior Court in the County in which he/she is a resident. The request must be made in writing within 30 days of the denial. A copy is served upon the Superintendent of the State Police, County Prosecutor and Chief of Police of the municipality in which he/she resides if he is a resident of New Jersey. Under New Jersey law, the hearing shall be held within 30 days of the receipt of the request

About Evan Nappen:

Evan Nappen is above all a tireless defender of justice. Host of the praised “Gun Lawyer” Podcast, author of eight bestselling books and countless articles on firearms, knives, weapons history, and the law, a certified Firearms Instructor, and avid weapons collector and historian with a vast collection that spans almost five decades, it’s no wonder he’s become the trusted, go-to expert for local, industry, and national media outlets. Called on regularly by radio, television, and online news media for his commentary and expertise on breaking news, Evan has appeared on countless shows including Fox, CNN, Court TV, WOR-New York. As a creative arts consultant, he also lends his weapons law and historical expertise to an elite, discerning cadre of movie and television producers and directors, and novelists. He also provides expert testimony and consultations for defense attorneys across America.


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  1. What are the disabilities (a person of good character and not subject to the disabilities of N.J.S. 2C:58-3c.;)

    1. I just submitted my application to totowa police barracks as an out of state NJ non resident. The officer said because I lived in NY within past 10 years he has to also do a mental check there. And they haven’t returned anything for months. Is still even allowable under the 60 day rule ? I don’t have any issues nor ever have been to a mental clinic.

      1. John K, I am dealing with the same issue and received the following update from the Detective Sergeant working on my application. It is par for the course with NYS. They will place every obstacle possible in the way of issuing permits. I would not think that this is a legal reason for delaying the 60 day requirement.
        “I contacted the NY State Mental Health a few minutes ago and inquired about your mental health check. I was told that their system was off line for a period of time due to infrastructure changes, which created a substantial backup in mental health records checks. One office completes mental health inquiries for all of New York State. That office was operating with limited staff for part of the summer, but is now fully operational with additional staff to try to accommodate as many requests as possible. The remainder of your background check is complete, but we can’t move forward until we receive this last document. I verified that my request was sent to the correct fax number.”

    1. Hey, greetings my 2A brethren, a quick question. I’ve submitted my completed NJ application, will I need to appear before a judge in person to obtain my CCW?


    1. I have been around and shot guns since I was 13..when I got my hunting license…I took a good course to be able to get my hunting license…can I use my hunting license as proof that I know how to handle a gun..or do I still need to take a course…thanks

      1. Unfortunately no, you have to take the handgun course because you have to be trained on the firearm you intend to carry. Hope that helps my friend

  3. If one uses a gun for work, ie protection agent.
    How does one go forward with getting a personal carry permit, since all the variables have already been approved through my work carry permit?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I would think that your work restrictions on the back are null and void and you would be covered for work and personal. A carry permit is a carry permit period and you shouldn’t have to go back through the same process if your current carry permit is still valid.

    2. I am currently going back and forth with my town (Bloomfield) about getting the restrictions removed. No one knows anything and their contact at the State Police is telling them I need to petition the judge and get permission from my employer. He/Trooper is also saying that there are two types of carry permits. Incredible…

      1. There are two 1) concealed carry 2) open carry Depending on his job Mr James Maeder mite have a concealed carry IE: personal security company

        1. Not correct in NJ there is no distinction between concealed or open if you have a carry permit you can do what you like

  4. What constitutes “Written proof of qualification”. Is an NRA basic pistol sufficient or do I need to have a letter written by a Firearms Instructor?

    1. Most ranges have staff or relationships with PTC and NRA certified instructors. They already have a form for this – armed armored car employees and Security SORA RED card(armed) holders already do this qual 2x a year.

    2. Keep in mind that ANJRPC, the gun group that works most closely with the state on gun issues, is saying that it does not have a definitive statement of what the qualification test is/will be. Keep in mind that the requirement for justifiable need has just been dropped, and the state may change its qualification requirement in response so as avoid issuing permits.

      1. Exactly! I am frankly getting disgusted by this application process and constant “moving of the goalposts” after each attempt at submitting my CCW permit. My municipality’s website listing the application requirements has now changed twice since I started the process back in mid July (2022). The first issue I had was the form that I downloaded from the NJSP firearms website was the wrong edition (6/15, as in June 2015 edition, which I was not privy to initially and was told AFTER I had gotten the 3 endorsement signatures that I needed the 7/22 form and needed to go back to get NEW signatures on said form). And today, I just returned to my municipality’s website to ensure I had everything complete and came across a NEWLY REVISED LIST of requirements stating I need a qualification sign-off by a licensed instructor. I served 5 years honorably in the U.S. F*****G Marines and now need to spend additional time and money for someone to tell me I’m qualified to carry a firearm. I cannot wait for the day I can get the hell out of this communist state of NJ.

  5. Does a hunter safety course,NRA certified handgun instructor,RSO or handgun first steps beginners course ,qualify NJ requirements?

  6. You references here from NJSP…”Written proof of qualification and ownership with the handgun(s) you intend oncarrying if your application is approved. This must be recent at the time of the application and must also be obtained from a certified firearms instructor.” is this just a serving suggestion? Not seeing it codified in N.J.A.C. 13:54-2.4(b).
    Also N.J.A.C. 13:54-2.4(b) “b” 1,2,3,4 doesnt sound like a required list for when you get to (c) “In the absence of…”the applicant shall provide any other available
    and accurate information which may evidence his or her proficiency in the safe handling and use of firearms”

  7. How many of the 3 items enumerated proof of “safe handling” competency are required? Is it just one? 1&2? 3 seems redundant to 1+2. And if you do #3 do you need to do either 1 or 2?…Thanks in advance for the clarification.

    Joe M.

    1. Read the regulation. It is worded in the disjunctive (“or”) so any one of the three is all the regulation requires. The problem is that the issuing authority in New Jersey may not abide by, or may change, the regulation.

  8. The gun i want to use was purchased buy my wife since we are married and living in the same house would I be able to use this gun

  9. So, a couple comments/questions:

    1) Regarding ‘references’ – who can qualify as a reference? Do they need to be residents of your municipality, NJ Residents, etc…? What if I am new to the area or the state and don’t have local references, or otherwise don’t want anyone to know that I am applying for a carry permit?

    2) Regarding #6 – What does this mean, and/or how do I obtain this ‘qualification’? I have certificates that I have received from various firearm training, but none of them are particular to any specific model of handgun that I may own. Also, how ‘recent’ do they need to be?

    Thank you for your work and diligence for 2A rights in NJ.

  10. Thank you I have been a member of Cherry Ridge for years i had hoped to run into you. But seriously thank you for being so out spoken on our constitutional right.

  11. The NJSP-listed steps you note here state:
    “The following instructions are the same for the initial and renewal application

    “6. Written proof of qualification and ownership with the handgun(s) you intend oncarrying[sic] if your application is approved. This must be recent at the time of the application and must also be obtained from a certified firearms instructor.”
    However, NJSA 2C:58-4a. states:
    “Permits to carry handguns
    “a. Scope and duration of authority. Any person who holds a valid permit to carry a handgun issued pursuant to this section shall be authorized to carry a handgun in all parts of this State, except as prohibited by section 2C:39-5e. One permit shall be sufficient for all handguns owned by the holder thereof, but the permit shall apply only to a handgun carried by the actual and legal holder of the permit.”

    Please address the discrepancy about whether a permit applies to “… ALL HANDGUNS OWED BY THE HOLDER …”, or whether the process instructions somehow override the plain text of the NJSA section.
    Specifically: What would happen to an application that fully confirms to NJSA but does NOT provide serial numbers for handguns the applicant successfully scored as required during qualifications?
    Thanks, Evan.

      1. I have now seen conflicting information on this. NJSP Firearms Unit says qual. for each and every, I have now seen “legal” interpretations that once you get the permit, you can carry anything. Doesn’t make sense to me, but it is out there.

        1. I have seen same thing. I am reading the law under 2C:58-4 that I can carry “anything I legally own”. Then I hear you can’t. I have had instructors and State Police tell me I can carry anything I own and others saying only what I qualify with. I would really like to know what is the case. I qualified with my Glock 43 and a Ruger American 45 compact, which is still big to conceal. I recently bought a Taurus G2C 40 S&W I would like to carry if I can. I don’t know what is the case? I can carry the Taurus or I have to qualify with the Taurus. I have no problem doing that but how do I submit another gun once I have the permit? They really need to streamline this BS!

          1. Spoke to Chiefs Secretary today that handles our permits. You need to have a certified instructor sign off that you have shown “safe handling” and “proficiency” with a firearm you own. That is all you need. You can carry any handgun “legally owned by you” once you qualify. She said everything else is misinformation based on old directives. She said that these other things were spoke of but they contradicted the 2C:58-4 law and have been updated by the NJSP. She told me to stop reading all this stuff. Lol.

  12. Hi Evan,
    Thanks so much for your info related to obtaining a concealed carry permit without requiring to show “justifiable need.” Frankly, IT’S ABOUT TIME that qualified law-abiding citizens be given the legal right in this progressively backward state to protect themselves under the Second Amendment. I’ve been an NRA member since ’88, an ANJRPC member since ’90. Over the years, your published materials and media commentary have been most valuable. Keep up the good work! Once again, thanks for the info, your diligence and hard work.

    Best Regards,

  13. does the NRA basic pistol safety class i took at Riverdale in 2008 qualify for this permit ?

  14. Does “all original copies must be notarized” pertain only to the application? Does it mean that each copy be separately notarized as opposed to copies of the notarization of the original application is sufficient.

  15. Evan-
    Thank you for the informative posting. I’m sure there will be all sorts of attempts to restrict these rights that will come from Go. Murphy and the anti-gun crowd. Such as a very long list of places where a CCW cannot be carried. There is still the onerous NJ rule on self-defense even in the home. I also live in FL as well as NJ. I got my CCW there and the classes we extremely informative and 90% about the law and all of the pitfalls. I’m sure there will be a need for this in NJ.

  16. I have a Firearms ID. Will I need three new people to complete personal recommendation forms? Also, my picture is on my NJ License. Do I need new pictures or can I scan my license?

    Finally, what defines “Firearms Training? I belong to a pistol & rifle club. I have completed pistol training through the club. Is that sufficient?

        1. NJSP instructions specifically say “passport photo” application itself says 1.5 x 1.5. When you go to CVS/Walgreens, they can print your photo out in any size you want, but their photo cutter is 2×2.

  17. One question that I heard that wasnt addressed is regarding the references. Are they just signing form or must they submit a letter or something else? Sigs notorized too? Can they be related or not like purchase permits require.

    1. go download the SP-642 application from the NJSP website – you will see, they sign, date, and provide contact information. Not related. Not notarized.

      1. Chiefs secretary that handles ours says relation is fine for CCW. Only requirement is know for 3 years or more. I did not use a relative but one of my sons is. My Step son is a police officer and he is using him as one.

  18. Which safety classes or certifications are accepted by NJ as qualification for the concealed carry permit? NRA Range officer, Pistol Course etc?

  19. Firstly, thank you for your great work on behalf of NJ honest gun owners and congratulations on this amazing Win. Second, can you provide guidelines for those who already have some form of limited carry permit (EG security guards limited to certain locations or other restrictions). Are the court orders for those permits automatically moot? Do we need to seek another court order invalidating the first one? Etcetera… thank yoy in advance.

  20. If I am an NRA certified pistol instructor and provide that certification, will that satisfy my requirements for item 6 above?

  21. Evan, how will reciprocal permits work.
    Many of us have concealed carry in multiple states.
    Will NJ reciprocate?

    thanks, Paul and Joanne

  22. So, as a former NJ resident with a home in NJ and a Florida Resident Carry Permit I am eligible to file for a Carry Permit through the NJ State Police as long as I file in accordance with the aforementioned requirements?
    Should I wait to see if there will be a reciprocity agreement coming down the road?


  23. I applied for a concealed carry permit in 2018 . My application was submitted to Burlington county . I was never denied . I have never heard a word from the county .

  24. A couple of many questions is, where is this permit going to be good at, will it limit the choice of pistols the person can carry and will there be any reciprocal agreements with it for other states, such as new York state?

  25. Thank you very much for helping us all navigate the craziness our NJ leaders make us jump through. I do have a question pertaining to Cherry Ridge Range members. Will there be local support for members? I’m thinking the qualification questions from a trainer? Or maybe setting up a photographer for pictures? I would pay to have a personal coach through this process! Thank you for all you do!
    Kevin Daniels

  26. Hello Evan
    The Mental Health search form is corrupt on the state website. Is there another source?

    1. Could you just print it and fill it out by hand? I didn’t see anything that says it has to be typed.

  27. I cannot thank Evan Knappen enough for all of his tireless efforts on behalf of all the law abiding citizens of our state. His in depth knowledge on may subjects has helped countless people. His expertise on the subjects of firearms and knives has been extremely educational and has helped many of us understand the laws as written. He has been an outstanding champion of our cause.

  28. i currently own 2 firearms that have been purchased legally 2 years ago. i carry a N.J. purchaser Identification card SBI # 611622A.i am a member of the TRI State Rod and Gun club located in Port Jervis N.Y., and a member of the N.R.A. I have spent time working with our RSO at the club and know the safe handling of a firearm. I have all the proper paperwork required to transport my firearms in N.Y. state when traveling to the club. I want to apply for the N.J. carry permit and at the same time apply for another purchase permit, I originally was approved to purchase 3 firearms, but never used the 3rd, which is now expired. my main purpose to carry is to be legal carrying my firearms in my vehicle while traveling to my club, or any other range i may choose to go to. do i apply for the carry permit and then also apply separately for another purchase permit.

  29. I think you left out the following:
    “. Completion of a course or test in the safe handling of a handgun administered by a certified firearms instructor of a police academy, a certified firearms instructor of the National Rifle Association, or any other recognized certified firearms instructor“

  30. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    i currently own 2 firearms that have been purchased legally 2 years ago. i carry a N.J. purchaser Identification card SBI # 611622A.i am a member of the TRI State Rod and Gun club located in Port Jervis N.Y., and a member of the N.R.A. I have spent time working with our RSO at the club and know the safe handling of a firearm. I have all the proper paperwork required to transport my firearms in N.Y. state when traveling to the club. I want to apply for the N.J. carry permit and at the same time apply for another purchase permit, I originally was approved to purchase 3 firearms, but never used the 3rd, which is now expired. my main purpose to carry is to be legal carrying my firearms in my vehicle while traveling to my club, or any other range i may choose to go to. do i apply for the carry permit and then also apply separately for another purchase permit.

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  31. Hi Evan thanks for all that you do to keep us informed. I have an interest in acquiring a CCW permit in NJ. I have read through the requirements and I am preparing my application. I have the following in terms of training NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Level 1. What are the training requirements and carry pistol testing requirements that NJ will require? I can’t seem to figure out what is required. Thanks Mike Velasco

    1. I qualified at the range this week. The standard target is the FBI Q target. You need 48/60 from different distances from 7,10,15,and 25 yds(two handed) and several at 5 yds single handed both dominant and non-dominant hand

      1. Yup, It’s the HQC2 qual.
        The qualification is from several different yardages manipulating your firearm safely drawing from a holster competently In different positions while an instructor gives you commands to draw
        Or ready position.
        I don’t think most people understand the qualification and requirements.
        Basic pistol is not sufficient to get the NJCCW.
        This is a few of the qual live fire requirements – Administrative magazine changes, draw fire, draw fire, draw fire magazine change, fire holster. Must score an 80% or higher. 40 out of 50 total shots. I qualified last week.
        Scott, I think the qual maybe slightly different to the range or instructor giving it but it’s close to what I did.

  32. I got tired of NJ laws and moved out. As a former NJ resident how does this affect CCW Reciprocity? I am now a Colorado resident. I posses Colorado, Utah and Florida CCW. Must I get a NJ CCW? Thank you!

  33. Evan is ‘da Man!!!! He has been working for our freedom for decades now.
    Our family retained Evan for some estate work and he was one of the fairest and most knowledgeable attorneys I have ever encountered.
    The huge and added plus… HE IS ONE OF US !

  34. Thank you for this information, I would like to know if this carry permit is also approved for non lethal arms such as stun guns, tasers and Byrna guns.

    Anthony Albanese

    1. Same here , A Non cop desk Mgr said they[locals] dont do it anymore which is contrary to form info. Web sites provide NO other INFORMATION except what is at top of form. I guess it’ll take a couple months until MURPHY figures out how to impede process

  35. HALLELUJAH!!! I never thought I would see this day. Thank you to all who worked to make it happen. A special “thank you” to the Founding Fathers, who had the foresight to write this natural, God-given right into the Bill of Rights.

  36. Evan I’ve started theprocess since I don’t believe that they can not approve me, since I’m of decent enough character (I have a NJ Fireamrs card and Utah Carry). Do you think they’ll lessen requirements (the decision said you couldn’t make it difficult to get a permit, and having to qualify IS difficult and expensive). I have a Utah carry – which means I’ve taken the gun handling class required by Utah. Do you think that proof I already can Carry in Utah, have taken the class, and can carry in the majority of the US right now would allow me to meet that requrement withoug taking another class?

    1. This NJ – you know they won’t accept out-of-state. You will have to qualify here in NJ within 6 mos. of application.

  37. Evan, I already listen to your Gun Lawyer podcasts and the enthusiasm in your voice was evident after the ruling was announced! By the way, you are my US Law Shield Program attorney and I’m very happy about that. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to L2AL!

  38. Question about the photos. The instructions say “passport photos”, which are required to be 2″x2″. The SP-642 form indicates the photos have to be 1.5″x1.5″. I know this seems nit-picky, but is there a clarification on which it is? Also, do all three copies of the Application (SP-642) and Consent for Mental Health Records Search (SP-066) need to be notarized?

    This is left up to the individual chiefs of police. Some are going to be receptive to this change. But, I think many will resist it all they can. Maybe I’ve lived in NJ for too long, but I can see some towns holding the application for 59 days and then rejecting it because your photos didn’t “meet the requirements” or because your SP-066 was/wasn’t notarized. I don’t want to see anyone get jerked around over inconsequential technicalities.

    1. the mental health records form doesn’t need to be notarized, you will sign this IN FRONT of a police officer at the station. as for the photo, I would give them exactly what they ask for, 1.5 x 1.5 inches.

  39. The question that I have is the CCW qual process. The state qualification involves passing the FBI in-service qualification HCQ1 which involves 8 tests of timed quick draw shooting in distances of 1 to 25 yds. You must draw all shots from a holster that is concealed and the shots are timed. In simple terms draw from concesalment while being timed. You are also required to shoot with your other arm. To pass you must score 48 of 60 shots. This is now applicable to the law enforcement professionals but IMO is prejudiced against, woman, seniors, and the handicapped. It infringes on their rights to bear arms.


    Does it mean wait to get fingerprinted until you turn in the required paperwork and fee Or should I get it done prior.

    1. usually, you hand in your information to local police, then they will give you the fingerprint into. You then make an appointment at the fingerprint place and go there. This place will then send your prints to the local police department.

    2. You’ll need three numbers from the police in order to register with Identogo. ORI #, case # assigned to you, and the code # for the type of printing needed. So basically, do everything else and bring it to the pd. Then you’ll have to schedule your printing. I think prints under 6 months old will be valid for this though

  41. I have checked with 3-4 different places that are listed on the RPO qualifications list on the NJSP website. They all have different set of qualifications. Which one is correct? What is the Shooting portion of the qualifications so we can practice prior to booking our appointments? Also is a Notarized letter from the instructor needed stating the safe handing has been demonstrated?

  42. wow, the state REALLY does NOT want anybody to have carry permit so they just make the hoops to jump through very cumbersome:
    -the forms + fee
    -three references
    -fingerprinting + their fee
    -instructor course + their fee (for each type of firearm)
    -notarized in triplicate
    -passport photos in quadruplicate + their fee


    They should just do away with all of this, and make the fee $10,000,000. This way they can still make it ‘de facto’ illegal to carry a firearm.

  43. I just submitted all necessary documents to my local pd. I was informed that I would need to be fingerprinted again before they process the paperwork. I was done in 3/2020 for a purchase and now have to do it again for this PCH. New fingerprints every two years seems excessive.

  44. Do I have to get all three reference people notarized as they sign?

    Meaning as they are signing the references section, do I have to have a notary present each time?

    Or does the document itself get notarized? It doesn’t seem like a signature is needed anywhere by the applicant.

    1. you are getting YOUR signature notarized, not theirs. you can take the originals around and have 3 people sign, on diff. dates, and then when complete, sign infront of a notary.

    2. I have the same question. Do I need to take all three references to the notary at the same time? Anyone go through this yet?

    3. It states right on the form that the “Notary” is only notarizing that you are the person that the information applies to. It is not required that they notarize every signature for references.

  45. This is a f-ing joke. Ok, so let’s look at this process and costs. So the State of NJ wants you to provide all of the information to them you have already done, time and time, again just to purchase a gun of any type you already own.(Very surprised they are including these requirements on Nerf guns and water pistols at this point) so with your application fee of $50 dollars you need to cough up another $60 for your fingerprints. You need to pay for a training course that will cost between $400 and $600 dollars and take hours upon hours of your valuable time, that if you have a job and a life as I do you can’t spare that time. So your going to be out $500 to $700 dollars with NO guarantee of a permit. For that reason , I’ll pass.

    But it gets better, LOL. The State wants you to list, with serial numbers (see the application instructions from the NJSP site) the guns you wil be carrying. I don’t know about you but I own several pistols and revolvers I would like to carry. Will I be expected to pay for a training course for each one !?!? If so the costs just went through the roof. Reason #2 , I’ll pass.

    Take a close look at the application on page 1 under the field marked “Reason for Disapproval” box labeled “G” Lack of Justifiable Need. Funny, thought that wasn’t a reason to deny a permit? The application is dated 6/22, so why is this still listed as a reason for denial? I’ll tell you why, the State is playing games. They removed the Justifiable Need requirement to apply, but they have every intention of using it to deny you after you apply. Reason #3, I’ll pass.

    Now I’m going to put on my thinking cap and get out my crystal ball and make a few predictions. Many if not all of you rushing out to get these permits wil be shot down. The State will pull out all the stops to deny these permits by any means necessary. They will stall and cause confusion and your only recourse will be lengthy and costly court battles. Anyone who gets a permit and has the unfortunate circumstances to use their weapon in self defense will be promptly arrested and charged with murder or manslaughter. You will spend the rest of your life fighting for your freedom and fighting the lawsuits against you brought by the criminals family looking for a payday. And let’s not forget those people you had vouch for your character. Guaranteed that if you use your weapon in self defense the State will go after your references for providing false information. They will face made up charges to discourage anyone else from providing a reference in the future.

    Oh and by the way, If you do get a permit and survive unscathed, you will be repeating this ludicrous process every 2 years !!!! I’ve seen nothing in the law that differentiates between a new permit and a renewal permit. Hundreds of dollars in fees, permit costs and training classes at renewal time. It states on the application instructions that the permit is good for “ two years from the time of approval”. So what is the amount of time between your approval and the time the State puts the permit in your hands? Day, week, months? Nothing is stated in the law. Again, I willl pass.

    Evan, hopefully you have looked at what I presented here and have good answers for everyone.

    1. Perfectly said, SJ!!! I’ve never hated New Jersey more than at the onset of applying for this CCW. It may just be the final straw that sends me packing. And I don’t mean packing a concealed firearm. I mean packing for a state that cherishes real Americans living in it.

  46. I have just gone through the process and am waiting on my local PD and superior court judge to approve my application. Prepare for sticker shock!
    Just a heads up about the costs:
    Application fee: $50.
    Training Course (Varies by location): $100
    Identogo fingerprinting: $52.50 (in state where there are no appointments at present) or $96.45 out of state where appointments are available within a day.
    Passport photos (Walgreens) $17.00
    Ammunition for qualification (depends on the number of handguns and caliber, but in my case 2ea guns, 100 rounds@.80 per round) $80.
    You might also have a notary fee. I did not.

    1. What bs all this unconstitutional requirements to exercise a constitution right
      What’s next have to go speech class then language proficiency test then enounciation class before opening mouth to exercise 1st amendment.
      If you are not a felon and have a njfid card that’s it.( THE NJ FIRE ARMS CARD MEANS NJ HAS CLEARED YOU) According to the Supreme Court ruling shall not be infringed
      Means you don’t have to pay 50$ for bs application FEE
      To exercise your constitutional RIGHTS.
      LOOK IT UP.
      GUN LAWS

    1. Hey a quick question. Does NJ limit how many handguns you can carry? I’ve been told they capped it at 2, but now I am hearing nothing (as long as ypu quality).
      Any help would be greatly appreciated

  47. So I’ve submitted my application, with training certifications for each pistol, proof of training current and from the past, just in case, pictures, notaries, references, money order, proof of ownership of all firearms for which i applied for ccw and including new finger printing, here in Linden NJ, Union county.

    Do we know if people are getting approved for there ccw’s or is it too early?

    Are the judges approving these applications in Union county?
    Thank you

    Also any recommendations on ccw insurance just in case this does go through?

  48. Hey a quick question. Does NJ limit how many handguns you can carry? I’ve been told they capped it at 2, but now I am hearing nothing (as long as ypu quality).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  49. If this was covered in a previous post I apologize . I just handed my application package into my local PD yesterday. If the Chief signs off on it , does it automatically ( after they receive fingerprint results from Identogo) get forwarded to the County Superior Court judge ? Previously, the applicant needed to present an approved application to that court themselves.

      1. Just talked to my local PD . They said the application has been forwarded to county superior court and they are backed up but will contact me with a date to come appear before a superior court judge foe final approval . What a process ! Let me know how your experience is .My application was submitted August 18th . PD said they are just getting to July’s applications .

  50. Hi Evan, NJ Law Shield member. I am certified NRA Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer. Do I also need to do an additional qualification to submit?

  51. Chiefs secretary that handles ours says relation is fine for CCW. Only requirement is know for 3 years or more. I did not use a relative but one of my sons is. My Step son is a police officer and he is using him as one.

  52. Evan, Looking at the newly passed NJ gun laws, it appears (to me) that the NJ Fire Arms purchasing card (also needed to simply transport fire arms to the range) now has an expiration date of 10 years. Is this true? Also what happens to everyone who currently holds a card received before this law was passed? Are these cards going to time out?

  53. August 5th , The paper work I have say ” All Applicant must be Fingerprinted, , but doesn’t include instructions on what kind they are looking for, is that still a requirement ? if so, there are many options if trying to set up an appointment at fingerprint centers Thanks

    1. Because they have been SWAMPED by ppl making appts for FIREARMS FINGERPRINTING on top of the regular amount of ppl getting employment prints.

  54. I Live in Brick. The girls at Brick PD were extremely helpful and kept me informed every step of the process. I submitted an application 1 month ago. A week after I submitted, the girls called me to let me know that there is a newer form that needed to be signed. They offered to start the process while they waited for me to bring the form back as long as I used the same references. Once I resubmitted, the sent out the questionnaire out within 2 days. Upon the questionnaire coming back to Brick PD, I got another call saying that my COMPLETE ADDRESS was supposed to be filled out completely by the references and that they must send out another questionnaire. Once they got the questions back with the completed address, it took them 4 days to call me and let me know that the file and background is complete and my file is being forwarded to the judge for his signature. I have friends in North Jersey that submitted before me and still havent had their questionnaire send out as I am on their reference list. I don’t know how long it will take from now, but so far it has not been a horror as I expected. So far I am less than 30 days into the process.

  55. Dear Evan,
    Once granted a carry permit in NJ, are there some places which prohibit the CCW,even with a proper carry permit; like places of worship, hospitals, hotels, casinos, state fairs, etc? Please Advise, Best Regards.

  56. Dear Evan, I live in Millstone Twp in Monmouth county. I applied for my CCW with the NJSP a little over a month ago. I received my qualifications from ROC training but was told that the Monmouth county judge is not approving any applications. Today I spoke to a trooper from the firearms division at the Hamilton barracks and he said that not a single application has been approved as of yet that they have submitted. How is this allowed? How is it possible that a sitting judge refuses to follow the law?

  57. It is my understanding that if I do not hear if permit was Approved or Denied within 60 days of the application date that you are considered Approved, unless you agree to an extension. Is this correct? If so, what then do I need to do to proceed to legally carry concealed?
    Thank You

  58. Dear Evan,
    I’m in Gloucester Co NJ. I summitted my completed CCW app.n turned everything into my local PD on June 29,2022.
    Mantua Township PD. It’s been over 60 Days ??? Iwas contacted my a judges office August 18th saying they will b in contact in 2-3 weeks ???
    NOTHING in WRITTING as per the application. What r my Options ??

  59. It may be that the judges are practicing a form of obstructionism. AFAIK no carry permits have been approved in Somerset County to date. Word is that when they start only 5 permits per month will be signed off by the judge. Sounds like some legal options need to be explored here.

  60. Can you tell me when the 60-day period begins? Is it when the application is submitted to the police department or when the application is sent to the supreme court?
    I submitted my application, but I didn’t get the ORI or the other numbers needed for fingerprinting till a week later. Does the 60 day start time begin after the fingerprinting is completed?
    In the event that the 60 day period expires without notification how can an applicant carry without a card?

  61. Mr. Nappen,

    Thank you for your service to the 2A community. I am a NRA multi-credentialed firearm instructor with 30+ years of heavy firearm use and experience. I submitted my application on July 29. It was approved by the chief of police and application was forwarded to Gloucester County Superior Court. A week ago, the court clerk (Tracy) for Judge Michael Silvanio informed me I must wait until a hearing scheduled which may be in either Nov, Dec, or Jan. Tracy also informed me the court is only holding one hearing a month.

    What can you or I do to respectfully request this application and approval process follow prior case law and court ordered direction?

    Most Respectfully,

    1. 14SEPT2022 FOLLOW UP:
      Monday Sept 12, I called the Trenton Administrative Office of the Courts (609-376-3000), and spoke to Mr. Justin Moles. I was very polite, very respectful, soft spoken and asked if there was anything he or I could do to move the process along. I cited Administrative Office of the Court Directive 06-19, May 20 2019 (Procedures for Processing Gun Permits) and NJ Supreme Court case A-63-18 081981 (application for permit to carry a handgun of Calvin Calrstrom). These directives required the court to issue a decision within 30 days. Justin called the court, and yesterday (Tues Sept 13) I received a letter from the court via email stating my hearing was scheduled in mid Oct. This is an improvement over the prior Nov, Dec, Jan date. Also note it would seem the permit is only applicable for the firearms that the applicant qualified with.

      I plan to ask the court what is required to add additional firearms to the permit.

  62. Dear Evan
    I just submitted all of my paperwork and finger prints. The local PD told me I will receive an email from the superior court saying when my meeting will take place.
    What kind of questions will the judge ask?

  63. So I am still a little confused. If there is no difference between ccw permit and carry permit in NJ can you open carry? And if not can you work armed security open carry?

  64. I was out of state for a few weeks and understand that my application that went in on Aug 10 was sent to the Ocean County Judge on Aug 15. Now i understand that judge is putting restrictions on carry on ocean county applicants and wonder if someone in another county can get an unrestricted ccw how is the standard different and whether that is a personal issue on the judge approving the application? If it is how do we remove those stipulations. I have my carry license (non resident) in Utah and Florida and just came back from a few weeks trip where i was able to use my licenses only to return to NJ and find if i do get approved i can’t use the CCW to protect myself in my car? George

  65. I applied for my NJ Non-Resident Carry Permit in mid-July 2022. I am a PA resident. I supplied everything that they required.
    I am an NRA CCW Instructor that teaches the required course that satisfies NJ and I still shot the qualifying “live fire” HQC qualification
    course that the NJ State Police shoot to qualify twice a year.
    The 60 days is up for them to reply and I haven’t heard anything. Who do I contact ? Please help.
    I fully intend on following through and ensuring that NJ abides by its own laws. Thanks, Nicky D.

  66. I’ve heard mercer county is holding applications in the court. My application hit the court a couple weeks ago. Spoke to a clerk, he sounded flustered and couldnt give me a ballpark timeframe. Said to call back if I need to in a few weeks.

  67. I’m a Paterson, NJ resident (looking up to the sky emoji), I will express with the utmost disgust, the ABSOLUTE discontent I have with this police department. They want (LANDLINE-not cellphone bill, pse&g bill, copy of your birth.cert, social sec. card copy, DL copy). The the detectives there intentionally rush you with intent to make sure that if you are attempting to confirm you’ve signed everything and given all you truly needed, they allow you to leave with a mistake having been made in order to claim YOU failed to complete the application properly. STAY SHARP… then they INTENTIONALY, make sure that they DO NOT afford you the ability to call and speak to them directly over the phone, nor are you allowed to leave a voicemail which they claim they have for the public, for returning a call. The they offer an email address which they rarely answer or give super vague or one worded responses, with a probability that the response to the vagueness is not answered. In speaking with the NJSP, they have told me, we have nothing to do with your application (funny, its their website we use to apply for everything, they continue to tell me that that Paterson has all the answered, which Paterson says: NJSP has them, AND I’ve been told, to not call them (NJSP) back anymore). As of today, I am now 70 days into this wait, and yet I’ve not received a a response to my application status I’ve emailed twice about…Professionally of course. I am trying to figure out my next move.

  68. Good Evening,

    I submitted my completed ccw application to Wayne Police Department the morning of August 05, 2022. It has now been 60 days since submitting the completed application. I went to the police department personally and spoke to the same women who accepted my application to request information regarding the status. All I was told was to continue waiting and that I will be contacted at some point.

    Ignoring the 60 days they are supposed to provide an answer, how can I go about tracking the progress of my application?

  69. My local police chief has submitted my application to carry but I have heard that the judges are not signing any applications. Is there any end in sight?

  70. Ok so I have a question in regards to the 60 day the state has to approve or deny. Is it 60 day until we’re supposed to get tge permit in our hand or is that 60 day window only until it’s sent to the judge to sign off on ? If it is in fact 60 day until sent yo the judge how long should we expect to wait after it was sent ? I ask because I know for instance our F.I.D. card they have 30 days max. I applied on August 9th ,so I’m definitely past the 60 day mark just trying to figure out what my options are at this point . Thanks in advance

  71. So apparently here in Atlantic County, the Superior Court judge has no time limit as to how long they have to make a decision on conceal carry applications. The 60 day time limit only applies to the police part of the investigation ! This could really take awhile .

  72. Once your application has been approved by the police chief and sent for final approval by a judge, how long do they have to issue the permit?

  73. I just got off of the phone with my county Superior Court . I was told they received all of my carry permit documents in August , but based on the prosecutor and the judge only reviewing applications once a week, she didn’t think I would get notification until December. She said I would be notified of an appointment date via email. Guess it would be a nice Christmas present !

  74. No doubt so me local police departments are dragging their feet. My application was sent to the county (Burlington) 4 weeks ago. Well after the 60 day period was up. I made 2 calls to the Clerk of the county judge that is supposed to sign the permit and return it to the local police department to be issued. The clerk told me that they have no record of my application. I called the investigating officer in the town I live in and told him about the situation. He told me that the application was sent to “Case mamagement” for the county court. He told me he sent an email to them asking for the status of my application. As of today he has not heard from them. To be honest he talks a good game but I don’t believe he sent it to case management. Just another delay tactic.

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