Book Update – Large Capacity Magazines



Hundreds of thousands of otherwise honest citizens have now been turned into potential criminals for possessing lawfully obtained magazines over 10 rounds. A conviction for unlawful possession of a large capacity magazine under NJ law is a “crime” which is the equivalent of a “felony conviction.” A person who is convicted loses their Second Amendment Rights and becomes prohibited throughout the entire United States for possession of a firearm.

New Jersey’s law banning large capacity ammunition magazines is as ill-conceived as most of New Jersey’s other infamous gun laws. Large capacity ammunition magazines that fit firearms other than semi-automatic firearms are legal. For example, we had a case in Camden County in

which our client possessed a drum magazine for a machine gun that did not fit or function in any semi-automatic firearm. After filing our motion, the charges were dismissed, and the magazine returned because it was not prohibited under New Jersey law, which bans only large capacity ammunition magazines for semiautomatic firearms, not fully-automatic firearms.

Beware! Any magazine over 10 rounds that fits and functions in a semi-automatic firearm is prohibited. This includes magazines that fit and function in semi-automatic firearms that are not defined as “assault firearms.” For example, the Beretta Model 92 pistol is not banned as an “assault firearm.” However, its standard factory magazine holds 15 rounds. The magazine is now contraband.

.22 tube-fed semi-automatic rifles like the Marlin Model 60 and Remington Model 552 are no longer prohibited. After 28 years of prosecuting honest citizens for these type of rifles, the Democrats have finally admitted they were wrong. Think of the lives and families they have destroyed in the process. They still don’t really care, because they keep passing new laws creating new victims of New Jersey gun laws.

Of course, no real criminal is going to care about this law or obey it. Only law-abiding citizens will comply and be placed at a disadvantage defending themselves and their families. Governor Murphy and the Democrat controlled legislature has decided that you and your loved one’s lives aren’t worth more than 10 rounds.

WARNING: New Jersey Retail Dealers can no longer legally sell or transfer any magazine with a capacity over 10 rounds to any civilian. Do not buy anymore magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds as the grace period will not apply. The "Grace" period does not allow for selling them, except to authorized LEO & Military. It is a violation of NJS 2C:39-9h. Also, the 180 day period only applies to magazines the person possessed on or before June 13, 2018, (The day Gov. Murphy signed it into law.) (It was approved, June 13, 2018, so Monday, therefore December 10th, 2018 would be the end of the "Grace" period .)

New Jersey Gun Law - 25th Anniversary Edition

By Evan F. Nappen, Esq.