Switchblade prohibition in Keystone State unlocked. Ban reversed in PA!

Date posted: November 7, 2022

Switchblade prohibition in Keystone State unlocked

The ban on any and all bearable arms is presumptively unconstitutional, just not all our lawmakers, executives, and judges know that yet. Pennsylvania has been gracing the pages of Bearing Arms quite a bit as of late, with coverage on multiple cases involving the ban of shooting ranges on private property. Some good news, for a change, on November 3, 2022 the prohibitions on switchblade knives in the Commonwealth have been repealed. While the repeal does not come into force until January 2nd of 2023, this is still cause for celebration. Knife Rights, a pro Second Amendment organization that focuses on bladed bearable arms, announced this wonderful news.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf today signed House Bill 1929, repealing Pennsylvania’s ban on automatic knives!

The repeal is effective on January 2, 2023. Until then possession of automatic knives (except as a curio) remains illegal in Pennsylvania. We still have work to do in Pennsylvania; without knife law preemption, cities and towns can still prohibit automatic (and other) knives, and many do. Download our LegalBlade App 2.0 to find your local knife laws. Also, concealed carry of an automatic knife “…with the intent therewith unlawfully and maliciously to do injury to any other person…” remains illegal in Pennsylvania.

Knife Rights Chairman Doug Ritter said, “I would like to thank all who emailed their legislators to support Knife Rights’ efforts on HB 1929. We worked diligently with our friends in the House and Senate to get HB 1929 bipartisan support resulting in votes of 202-1 in the House and 50-0 in the Senate. I am especially appreciative of Governor Wolf signing this bipartisan bill to advance freedom and criminal justice reform in Pennsylvania.”

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Credited Source: https://bearingarms.com/john-petrolino/2022/11/05/switchblade-prohibition-in-keystone-state-unlocked-ban-reversed-in-pa-n63988

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