When the Supreme Court rules on NY gun laws, how will NJ’s gun laws be affected?

Date posted: June 21, 2022

How Will NJ’s Gun Laws Be Affected?

Evan Nappen has waited for this moment for four decades.

A gun rights attorney from Eatontown New Jersey, Nappen literally wrote the book on NJ gun laws — a tome of more than 500 pages — on New Jersey’s Byzantine firearms laws. New Jersey Gun law book

But his next book might be much shorter, as a looming U.S. Supreme Court decision on New York’s concealed carry laws threatens to eviscerate New Jersey’s similarly strict rules on who can carry a handgun in public. And it may open the door for further challenges to the state’s firearms statutes, some of the toughest in the nation.

“This will absolutely be a game changer,” Nappen said of the ruling, expected in the coming weeks. “The decision should open up the ability, finally, for honest, law-abiding citizens to get the unicorn of a New Jersey carry license. It’s definitely an exciting time.” Read more here: https://njersy.co/3OrM7Hw



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